After Builders Cleaning London

Another of our great services is called After Builders Cleaning London. Builders always leave a mess behind, but our professional cleaners can handle it. Why wait when you can enjoy your new London home sooner? Just contact us!

After Builders Cleaning London can be combined with another service of your choice. For instance steam cleaning, used for carpets and upholstery. Or window cleaning, reaching high floors. Both services performed by trained professional cleaners.

Great Sparkle Cleaning 

Builders clean after themselves, but more often you are the people left with the hard work. It is quite common for a layer of dust to appear on surfaces a few days after renovation. And, that is because the dust generated during the building work is not visible while the work is performed. It falls on the floor and surfaces only after it is “left in peace”. Or that would mean that the work is finished and there is no movement in the property.

We perform the so-called sparkle cleaning. It is a service carried out after the builders clean. It polishes a property throughout and prepares it for operation. For example, sparkle cleaning is executed before a house goes on the market, before an establishment opens for clients, before a showroom is opened for visitors, etc.

The Final Touch

Seeking modern and good looking properties, regular people, landlords, and estate agents hire building companies to make renovations. There’s always lots of mess and dust after builders. So, leave the final touch to us – the professionals. Call it commercial cleaning, or regular After Builders Cleaning, we are there to help. We won’t be finished until you are 100% satisfied!

Boot stain marks on your carpets to cement or plaster on the floor? Splashes of paint on the skirting boards and fingerprints on your ledges? Not to mention all of the stickers left behind. Forget about this and leave it all to us. Your home will look clean and nice, and most importantly dust-free. Just the way you would like it to be!

The service can be organized from early mornings to late in the evenings. Always considering your best convenience. Call us today!