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Basics of carpet cleaning

Everybody who owns a carpet knows how timely and annoying cleaning and stain removal can be.

The first way to ensure that less dirt is accumulated and that there are lower chances of staining in the first place, is to avoid walking on the carpet with your shoes on, or have serious doormats to ensure that the shoes of people who walk in are relatively clean.

Having a good, powerful, easy to use vacuum cleaner preferably with a filter will surely make your life much easier. Regular vacuuming of the carpet is crucial, so the easier the task is for you, the less tedious the entire carpet cleaning thing will be.

In normal occasions vacuuming should be performed at least once a week, but if you have pets or heavy traffic on and around your carpet, you should probably do it more often. In order to ensure that the dirt is out, you should cover one area of the carpet several times.

A great tip to freshen-up the air in your house is to put some baking soda in your vacuum bag or container. Of course, having a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner is the best choice for keeping dust and other pollutants out of the air when you are cleaning your carpet.

But for actually washing your carpet you should either hire a professional carpet cleaning service, have your carpet been taken away to be cleaned, or use a steam cleaner or other hot water extraction machine at home. When doing this at home, you should make sure that the cleaning process doesn’t leave the carpet too wet and that you use the right type and amount of cleaning liquid.

After the wet cleaning, the carpet should be left to dry either by leaving the windows open, turning the air conditioner on or via fans.

Dry carpet cleaning or the so-called “very-low moisture” cleaning involves an application of special chemical compounds, very much like a dry cleaners service for clothes. This process involves pre-treatment and treatment, and is much faster and easier to apply than the wet dry cleaning.

The problem with carpets is not only the dust, hairs and dirt particles which accumulate following everyday traffic in your home but stains which are caused by a guest accidently spilling red wine, or your kid dropping a dish with spaghetti, for example.

There are various tricks and tips for removing stains from your carpet, depending on the type of carpet and stain of course.

A great first step to removing the stain or preventing it is to blot it as soon as it occurs. Just press some paper towels or napkins on the spill without rubbing.

When you decide to wash a stain, a good idea is to use water with several drops of dishwasher liquid or vinegar diluted in water.

Remember, rubbing a stain will probably only cause the stain to actually spread, so blotting or vacuuming is what you should be doing.

If you do decide to wash the stain off, you can use a hand brush, which is excellent for removing hairs from carpets as well.

Naturally, there are various types of cleaning products available, which are made specifically for removing certain types of stains from carpets, so if you have a stain which is bothering you, you should probably look for a cleaning solution made exclusively for the type of carpet you have. You must be careful though when treating your carpet with cleaning solutions, because some types can ruin your perfectly good carpet. This is why as usual you are advised to read the instructions on these cleaning products carefully before applying them to your Persian or other favorite carpet.