In December 2019, Hubei Province in China reported its first case of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. The respiratory disease has since spread throughout the world.

In line with all measures taken by the United Kingdom government, Miss Merry LTD has taken all preventive measures possible recommended by the World Health Organization, The European Health Commission and The United Kingdom Government.

How to protect yourself best during a visit from our personnel:

We follow only confirmed measures from reliable resources. This includes government advice, World Health Organization advice and advice from the European Commission. If you would like to include any further preventive measures, please advise with us upfront if they concern the cleaning service or the cleaner.

Keep the recommended distance. Currently, the government recommends the following – everyone to keep social distancing, including refraining from the use of handshakes. Good coordination with your cleaner is one of them. A good recommendation here is to coordinate your daily walk, shopping, walk of your pet with the cleaners’ visits. This way you will minimize the contact with our operatives and still do your daily routine.

Avoid cash payments. As you might be aware it is easy for bacteria and viruses to stay on banknotes, as they change hands multiple times a day. This could be risky in the current situation as you can never know who was holding the note before you.

Keep good personal hygiene. Whilst we are here for you to keep your home clean, you can protect yourself and others, who enter your home by keeping yourself up to good hygiene. As a cleaning company, it is our social and business responsibility to inform of correct ways of cleaning and adhere to them.

One of the potentially best ways to keep yourself safe is to wash your hands properly. Thus we follow advice from professionals and try to select the best ways to advise our clients and our personnel.

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has released advise on personal hygiene, which we help spread around as well.


Keep good circulation of air. We offer all kinds of services and have had the opportunity to work with different clients. Even without the pandemic, one of the best ways to keep your property fresh is to let air flow in. This will help you as it will also get rid of any smells left in the property, including smell from cooking, detergents, pets or even the stale air.

Keep calm and stay safe. Even with the new pandemic, it’s important not to panic, but rather face challenges together. Discipline and good hygiene are vital in times of pandemics. Be smart and remain positive! Let’s beat this together!


Keep up to date with any changes to our policy including:

Miss Merry Ltd and its subsequent associate contractors and subcontractors, do not carry legal and civil responsibility for any unknown to the company or the above – stated parties involved in the process of cleaning. This includes, but is not limited to transmissible infectious and/or contagious diseases.

Miss Merry reserves the right to cancel any cleaning services on the spot, if a person who is considered to have a transmissible infectious and/or contagious disease including the novel coronavirus COVID-19, is in the property, is exiting the property or the property is known to be infected. This is for the protection of the current personnel and other clients, without risking further their health and safety.

It is the client’s responsibility to notify the company directly, of any health conditions, which might be transmittable so the company to make a valid assessment of whether the booking made by the client can be carried out.

Miss Merry LTD provides general cleaning services, performed by cleaners using domestic or commercial cleaning detergents on a daily basis. Some of the detergents shall not be considered suitable for antiviral sanitation or disinfection. Miss Merry explicitly offers the service Antiviral Cleaning, being carried out only with antiviral and virucidal, certified detergents and the appropriate equipment.