Expert upholstery steam cleaning in Central and Greater London

Miss Merry specializes in steam cleaning services in London and is happy to present the curtain cleaning. It can be booked along with a regular home cleaning service, upholstery and carpet cleaning service or separately. It is something that will improve the environment of your living or working premises.

We operate fully professional London cleaning for curtains using proper techniques for the purpose. Our steam cleaning method process consists of spraying hot cleaning solution into the curtain and recovering that solution with a powerful vacuum. The hot water, along with the suction power of the vacuum, forms a steam that will clean the curtain and at the same time dry it up. Another notable benefit that comes from using a professional service is that it is an incredibly effective way to dust and remove allergy causing bacteria deeply from your curtains. Also, our equipment allows brightening them while they are hanging in place. Some fabrics though are not suitable for steaming and that’s why we arrange dry cleaning service instead. Blinds steaming can be booked along with this service too.

Curtains are always forgotten during a regular home cleaning visit. The dust that’s layered on them may not be visible, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not there! Who has the time to take down the curtains, carry them to the dry cleaners, wait a few days, maybe more and then hang them back? With us, it could be really easy! We will come to your place and clean your curtains while they are hung on the rails. It will not only take definitely less time, but you may be outside the house working or doing whatever you like without having the obligation to go bring them back and hook them. Imagine how brighter a room can be with freshly looking and smelling curtains, keeping the privacy of your room.

Our qualified and friendly staff is determined to deliver satisfaction with this service. They will also give you competent advice and how to treat the different types of curtains. Don’t wait and refresh your home!

Curtain steaming is normally booked with the spring, end of tenancy, upholstery and carpet cleaning or separately.