Hard Floor Cleaning London

Miss Merry provides the service hard floor cleaning in London and the surrounding areas around London. We clean floors such as vinyl, marble, terrazzo, wood, stone, linoleum, etc. The hard floor cleaning is a tough and time-consuming process, so we always consider your working hours if the service is booked for business premises. We come and inspect your floor before arranging a quote and would advise on site how and when the hard floor cleaning should be done.

One of the biggest investments in the appearance of a commercial building of any sort – most often offices or showrooms in London is the floor. Maintaining the floor, in particular, the hard floor cleaning is something that has become essential for property and business owners. Polishing the floor and keeping it vivid has become an image of nowadays prosperity and well-being.

Not only businesses benefit from this service, but households and domestic properties too. One of the first things that catch the eye in a home is the floor and how it looks. It is always something a potential buyer or visitor will appreciate. If an entire house is sparkling, but the floor is looking grubby due to poor cleaning maintenance, call us. We will help you have the wow factor back.

Different types of floors require different type of care. Miss Merry is perfectly aware of what sorts of cleaning detergents are needed for the particular flooring. We always consider the floor type, how it’s been cleaned and how old it is before proceeding with the service. We do our best to clean the floor in a proper manner in order to achieve the best results in the end. To perform the service we use floor buffing machines or the so-called “floor buffers”. They are specifically designed to clean not carpeted floors using a pad that rotates at high speed. The result is always amazing.

Instead of having a headache trying to figure out what to do with your floor, simply call Miss Merry for advice and professional service! We will have your floor looking great again. Book your hard floor cleaning London today!