Ironing London

Ironing London is one of the services included in the domestic cleaning. It can also be booked separately. It’s the final touch of any housekeeping and the quality attention needed for your clothing.

Everyone needs the service Ironing London. On average a small family creates an ironing pile every week. It takes between 2 and 5 hours to be ironed. You could be having something special during that time. We save your time so you can enjoy more of life. Our cleaning ladies would do it for you in a very professional manner. They are aware of the latest technology in irons and know exactly what temperature and how much steam to use on different fabrics.

Busy London lifestyle takes it all. Most of us don’t have the time we need to keep and maintain our homes the way we want to. If ironing is combined with our regular cleaning service the cleaner may load your washing machine with the dirty laundry you’ve left. Then she’ll hang it or if you have a drying machine she’ll iron it when dry.

Whether you want to combine Ironing London with a home cleaning service or not we are happy to help! We iron for everyone, from single bachelors to big families. We can iron everything suitable, from babies’ clothes to work shirts, linen, bedding, table cloths, etc. All this is done on a very high standard in order to meet your expectations.

Fed up of having to stand and do the ironing after a long day? Rely on us instead! We are highly recommended and very professional. We care for your home and personal needs. We will save you time and effort. We will not charge anything extra. The ironing service will be done on the price of the regular domestic cleaning. Once you’ve tried us you wouldn’t regret. Don’t wait and contact us today!