Oven cleaning service London performed by expert cleaners

Cleaning the oven is one of the toughest cleaning services. If needed it can be a part of a regular home cleaning service or it could be booked separately. It’s a housekeeping task that nobody likes because it’s really hard to get rid of all the dirt and grease layered on the oven walls.

When you hire us – the professional cleaning company, we will clean the oven inside, taking out all the parts, washing them and polishing them separately. We will put them in a dip tank with a cleaning solution, while we manually scrap the burnt on carbons, grease and grime. After we finish we will assemble all the parts together, we will polish it outside plus the extractor and hob.

In the process of oven cleaning, our aim would be not only to leave it in a perfect condition but to protect the floor beneath and the kitchen countertops. Damaging anything in the kitchen is unacceptable for us, so you shouldn’t worry about that! After we finish with the process we always ask the customer to come and inspect our work. If the customer is not completely happy we will re-do the service absolutely free of charge. Our goal is 100 % customer satisfaction!

Cleaning an oven can be time – consuming, it could take several hours depending on its size. You may be home while we perform or you can go out, for us, it’s not a problem, but please check after we’ve finished!

Our thoroughly trained oven cleaners recommend regular oven cleaning at least once every 6 months in order to maintain your appliance in perfect working condition. A maintained oven keeps your cooked meals freshly smelling, it does not mix the smell of long-forgotten meals.

Along with this London service, you can always book full deep cleaning of the kitchen and all the kitchen appliances, cupboards, skirting boards, walls, countertops etc., or you can book in addition one-off deep cleaning service.

*Please note that a minimum of 3 hours is required.