Professional upholstery cleaning service London

One of our quality London cleaning services is the sofa steam cleaning which is a part of the upholstery and carpet cleaning. Its effect is full deep clean of sofas removing dust mites, allergens, hair, pet odours, etc. Often is booked along with carpet cleaning but may be performed as a separate service. The final effect is a clean, refreshed colour, deodorised sofa and a better overall effect of the room.

When we come to your place we will carefully examine your sofa for spots. Then we will apply detergent where needed. Our goal is to reach the roots of the spots, so we could effectively remove them. We treat tough stains such as ink, red wine, blood, grease, shoe polisher and many more.

When operating on your sofa we always take into consideration the fabric. Different fabrics and materials may need different cleaning methods and solutions. A proven method is the steam cleaning method in which when operated is used hot water extraction. It includes the use of special machinery as well as specific detergent and solutions.

We take great care to ensure we do not damage the upholstery of the sofas. We consider the stains and dirt type. We know which the right cleaning chemicals are in order to maintain the standard of the fabric. We recommend that you have your furniture upholstery cleaned at least once a year if you wish to preserve its looks and colours.

There are serious reasons to consider professional sofa cleaning. It’s not only about its appearance. This service is operated only by professional sofa cleaners who use the scotch guard to treat it. When you book experts to work on it you will get rid of those microscopic pollutants that cause allergies and respiratory problems and the quality of indoor air in the house will be improved.

You may decide to spend money on expensive machines and detergents, but would you know how exactly to perform properly? Or would you know if you’ve bought the right machinery? For best results, we know what exactly to use, how to use it, what technique to apply on different kinds of fabrics and a lot of other details that you will not be aware of. We use only eco -friendly materials so the health of your family won’t be at risk.

You can always book this cleaning service separately or it can be a part of carpet cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and more. Whatever service you book it with you won’t be disappointed! So don’t way and transform your home today!