Spring Cleaning London

Spring Cleaning London is a service usually performed twice a year. It is thorough and detailed and because of that considered deep. Other cleaning services such as window and carpet cleaning are often booked along with it. It embraces every inch of your home, leaving it spotless and fresh!

Spring Cleaning London is not included in the regular domestic service. When you book it, your home will be professionally cleaned “top to bottom”, from drapes to furniture. It is the best way to remove all the clutter off and to refresh your house, flat, studio, etc. Our carpet cleaners will take care of your carpets while the window cleaners clean your windows. Cleaning the oven, which is always hard and expensive work, is fortunately included in the service too.

Commercial buildings and offices in London also benefit from this service. Especially companies and businesses which do not have regular cleaning assigned. This is the best way to, clear up all the clutter. Sanitize and disinfect bathrooms and accomplish spotless premises. Working in a pure environment is easy, just contact us.

March, April, May and June are the months when spring cleaning services are mostly booked. It is warm enough to open all the windows and doors, but not warm enough for insects to be a problem. It is great for purging projects, especially the ones involving usage of chemical products which generate fume. For your convenience, we can supply all the equipment, chemicals and detergents needed.

Our specialists have created a professional task list in order to embrace every corner of your home. Feel free to use it or create yours based on your needs. Send it to us or hand it to the cleaners on their arrival. Please note a minimum per booking applies.