Spring Cleaning London

Spring Cleaning London is a thorough and detailed service. It is also called deep cleaning. Other cleaning services such as window cleaning and carpet cleaning are often booked along with it. It embraces every inch of your home, leaving it spotless and fresh!

The Detailed Service

Spring Cleaning London is not a part of the regular domestic cleaning. It is more thorough than the regular service and because of this takes more time and effort. When you book it, your home will be professionally cleaned “top to bottom”. We also add carpets and upholstery. It is the best way to refresh your house, flat, studio, etc. Combine it with our tidying up and remove all the clutter. Cleaning the oven, which is always hard and expensive work, is fortunately included in the cleaning too.

Offices & Buildings

Commercial buildings and offices in London also benefit from this service. Especially companies and businesses without regular office cleaning arrangements. This is the best way to refresh your premises. That is why many establishments choose commercial cleaning as an option for neatly looking work surroundings. Sanitize and disinfect bathrooms and accomplish spotless premises. Working in a pure environment is easy, just contact us!

Antiviral Cleaning

For strong disinfection, we perform our antiviral cleaning. It is a service that includes virucidal cleaning detergents specifically made to kill bacteria. By fogging, applying, or spraying the products your premises will be thoroughly sanitized. This service is quite often booked along with the spring cleaning, but it can also be booked separately. We always offer competitive rates when services are combined.

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