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What does the End of Tenancy Cleaning include?

If you are a landlord or a tenant, you probably know that it is usually the tenant’s obligation to leave the house clean after deciding to move out. This is the so-called end of tenancy cleaning, which is now offered by a variety of cleaning companies.

Usually, the requirement will be to leave the premises perfectly clean and ready for the new tenants. This involves: removing any food or other stuff from the refrigerators and freezers and cupboards, removing any grease and grime from the kitchen oven and anywhere it could have accumulated through the years. Cleaning all the cupboards and surfaces, dishwashers, microwaves, absorbers is naturally required as well.

Sanitizing and scrubbing all floors in the house is another part of end of tenancy cleaning.  The same goes for the entire bathroom and sinks.

For preparing the house for the new tenants, the landlord will probably expect that all windows, doors, radiators and the furniture is cleaned as well.

Carpet cleaning is included in the end of tenancy cleaning too. The landlord will expect you to clean out the garage and any other part of the property you are planning on leaving.

This is why, many people prefer to hire a professional team of people who specialize in end of tenancy cleaning, who will perform this entire task making sure that all requirements of the contract between the landlord and the tenant are met.

These cleaning companies will come with all the necessary machines, tools and cleaning materials which they need.  They usually are very thorough and speedy, so that both sides are happy.

A good practice which many of these professional services have is to prepare a preliminary check list for all the cleaning tasks which should be performed during the end of tenancy cleaning.  This allows them to cover all parts of the cleaning job, without leaving out anything.

The best idea is to check any specific requirements your landlord may have beforehand, and if you can afford it hire a team of professionals to come and do the end of tenancy cleaning of your home or office.

This will save you all the efforts and especially the deep cleaning will definitely be done more professionally by the team of experienced cleaners who have all the necessary machines, chemicals and other tools to do the job.

Doing a good job in overall cleaning when leaving a piece of property is not only a legal requirement in some cases, but also a way to leave the property without any problems and in good terms with the owner.

After all, if you think about it – you would expect the same thorough cleaning to have been performed in the new house or office you are moving into, right?