Top window cleaning service in Central and Greater London

Miss Merry provides professional window cleaning services. This London service is performed only by qualified window cleaners who use the steam cleaning method for best results. We guarantee satisfaction no matter if the service is booked for residential or commercial buildings.

Windows are such an important part of our homes. Cleaning them is essential and we can take care. There is a huge difference when natural light comes through a clean window, it brightens the room more. Our window cleaners are trained to do your windows inside and out.

Professional window cleaning is a tough job that includes a range of different cleaning techniques, special tools and equipment. The effect of hiring a professional company would result in a better cleaning technique when compared to home methods such as rubbing the windows with newspapers or a wet rag and using common household window cleaners. Rubbing a pane of glass with a cloth may result in stroke marks that are visible in sunlight.

We will not only save you time, effort and money, but you will be pleasantly amazed by the effect. Washing the windows from the outside is hard or an impossible job for households and especially hard for commercial buildings if they hadn’t been kept constantly clean. We not only wash the windows, but the window sills, ledges and frames to make sure they are free from debris.

The steam cleaning method is proven. It doesn’t leave streaks on the glass. We use a system that filters lots of litres of water through a couple of stages filtration process which leaves the water absolutely pure. Then we wash the windows leaving them sparkling and without streaks. There is no need to dry them after that.

Let’s not forget that maintaining the windows and keeping them clean is not only a difficult job, but it may be dangerous too. It is ok if you attempt to wash them yourself if you live on the ground floor, but what happens if you live on the second, third or any upper floor? For us, the health and safety of our operatives is the most important thing and that’s why our qualified window cleaners use the Reach and Wash system which allows them to stay on the ground and clean windows up to 65 feet height. No ladders are needed, it’s that simple!

We recommend booking our window cleaning service at least twice a year in order to maintain your windows in a sparkling condition. It can be booked along with any other service or separately.